Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

I became a mother almost three years ago and my second child is about to celebrate his first birthday.  I may not be as seasoned as some, but feel as though I have some insight into the world of motherhood.  I am currently on maternity leave and therefore deeply immersed in my role as a mom.  I would like to be clear that I do not think that by staying at home I am in any way superior in my mothering, merely that I am consumed by it as I have nothing else going on.  It is the hardest thing I have done, there are many days when I dream longingly of my "old life", but there is still no where else I would rather be.

The word race can mean many things, but most commonly we use it to describe "a family, tribe, people, or nation, believed or presumed to belong to the same stock; a lineage; a breed." as well as, "competitive action of any kind."  The idea of mothers as a breed or a family of women sounds very inviting and supportive.  Although we, as mothers, are connected by so many shared experiences the competition and "race" between women remains.  The race to get pregnant, to gain the least amount of weight, and then to lose the weight.  The race to sleeping through the night, crawling, walking, talking, toilet training, and the list goes on.  To once again quote Jamie Lee Curtis, from one of my daughter's favourite books, "Why are we racing and what are we winning?".  The pressure that we place on one another and on ourselves can become overwhelming.  I am very aware of this race and try hard to stay away from it, but it can be difficult to ignore.  My goal is to talk openly and honestly about my life as a mom, the things I struggle with, things that I have found success with and things that make me happy.  It is my hope that I can continue to resist the inclination to race and slow down with you for a million-way tie for first and last.

I am not sure how this blog will evolve, but I am excited to share it with you.

I would like to acknowledge that in starting this project I have been influenced by the thoughtful work of my friend and fellow mom, Leah Dillon, author of the wonderful blog TOUT(  Check it out today and every day.


  1. Wow Michelle, I am overwhelmed that my blog has been the source of someones inspiration! I am happy to learn that you have joined the world of bloggers and look forward to your work. You're off to a great start! - Leah

  2. Welcome to MBC! You have a very nice blog, I wish you well and you will get more followers.

  3. Welcome to blogging world. Good luck.

  4. Much success in your new blogging endeavor . Sounds like you have your hands full but the time will fly by (Mom of a 30 and 27 year old) enjoy it while you can : D


  5. Nice Blog. You ought to join I just joined, and I think it will be really a fun blog.
    My name is Patti Greene. I have a blog too. It is It says this post is from Evelyn because she is my business partner.
    Best wishes.

  6. Oops, my blog is
    How embarrassing is that.

  7. Welcome & great blog! Hope you can stop by!


  8. Thanks for the well wishes! It is very reassuring to hear such positive feedback from so many experienced bloggers. I am looking forward to continuing to share my stories with you and am excited for what I can learn from you as well.